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From July 2 to July 4, 2021, the English language production of Spring Awakening, by MAE Stage Productions, was available for online streaming.

This online stream was made possible thanks to the many people who bought a ticket in advance, as well as the commitment of all parties involved in the production of this performance.


Spring Awakening is a rock musical by Sater & Sheik, based on the gripping book “Frühlings Erwachen” by Frank Wedekind. This special story is set in Germany at the end of the 19th century, when topics such as sexuality, homosexuality and mental health were still a big taboo.


In Spring Awakening we follow a group of teenagers who (for the first time) come into contact with sex, depression, suicide and abuse. Accompanied by contemporary (rock) music, their search is visualized and we experience how they feel increasingly oppressed by the adults in their lives.


In this docu-series, Sydney Kuipers and Tom Hendriks follow the cast and creative team of MAE Stage Productions' Spring Awakening in their journey to opening night. Divided into short episodes, this docu-series focuses on the important themes of this touching show and the process leading to the final performances, as well as getting to know the cast and crew of MAE's first English-spoken production in The Netherlands.

Watch the whole series on YouTube .


Wendla Bergman Sanne Alkema

Martha Bessell Esmée Papa

Thea Emmeline Long

Anna Eveline van Grootel

Ilse Neumann Noes Petiet

Melchior Gabor Emile Catillon

Moritz Stiefel David Schonewille

Hanschen Rilow Olaf Scot

Ernst Robel Deyan Kuijpers

Georg Zirschnitz Rowell Molema

Otto Lammermeier Tom Hendriks

Adult Men Sven Bäcker, Pierre Thomas

Adult Women Annika Sohn, Jet Sichterman

Ensemble Denise Grahmbeek, Ezra Menard, Julia Bronkhorst, Laura Karel, Sydney Kuipers

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