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On the weekend of November 12-14, 2021, producers around the world celebrated the cautious comeback that the theater made, after all the challenges the culture sector has had to endure since the start of the corona crisis.


In this theater concert, curated by Music Theater International, musical performers from MAE Stage Productions, Starlight Boulevard and Semper Sereno, among others, bring an impressive set list of the most iconic, exciting and moving musical numbers.


Be inspired and touched by dozens of ambitious performers during this performance in which (mutual) support in and for the amateur musical world is paramount!


Danielle de Vreede

Denise Grahmbeek

Deyan Kuijpers

Emile Catillon

Emmeline Long

Eva van Doleweerd

Evelien van Buren

Eveline van Grootel

Gijs Leenders

Katelijne Hoogendoorn

Kirsten Bakker

Marvin van der Horst

Melissa Zijsling

Nienke Grobecker

Noriko Vollenbronck

Omar Escobar

Paul Francken

Petion Cleton

Pierre Thissen

Sabrine Hallewas

Sam Poelsma

Sanne Alkema

Sarah Idrissi Sbai

Sven Backer

Sydney Kuipers

Tom Hendriks

Yvonne Sijssens

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