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On Saturday November 12 (evening) and Sunday November 13 (matinee) 2022, the group Resound Mind will play in the heater Het Lichtruim in Bilthoven.


Subjects such as depression, loneliness and insecurity are addressed through (choir) singing, dance and play. The set list is a nice collection of inspiring, uplifting and moving musical numbers from well-known and lesser-known shows. 

It promises to be an entertaining and compelling performance for fans of the genre and sympathizers of the theme. 


From the overwhelming success of Unsound Mind, the group "Resound Mind" was born in 2019. Like their sister group, Resound Mind is committed to discussing mental health issues. The group consists of passionate participants of different ages and artistic backgrounds.


In this way, the group hopes for more recognition and understanding, in order to eventually put an end to the taboo that rests on these themes.

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