• MAE Stage Productions

Save the Date: New Title Reveal on November 22

On Sunday the 22nd of November, at 19:00, MAE Stage Productions will reveal their new musical title for 2022 via an Instagram livestream. A special guest will attend the announcement.

With high hopes of COVID-19 being under control, MAE Stage Productions has made big plans for 2022. This includes having obtained the rights for their new musical production. On November 22, 19:00, the new title will be publicly announced via an Instagram livestream.

A special guest will be joining us for the announcement and will help us answering 5 follower-questions in order to help them figure out what the title is. Questions can be asked in the comment section of our Instagram, Facebook and blog posts or during the livestream itself!

Stay tuned and follow us on our social media to get the latest information!

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